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Our Story

How It All Started

Since 2010, AR Kitchens has provided meals to some of the fastest growing, and most successful companies, located throughout the Bay Area. AR Kitchens was founded by Chef Andro Radonich and is built around a team of Chefs and Culinary Professionals that specialize in a broad range of global cuisines. Our team of Chefs come to us with years of experience working at some of the country's top-rate restaurants and hotels. AR Kitchens is built on the belief that a single chef can only be an expert in a few cuisines, and that the power of our diverse team of chefs cannot be beat. 

As a Chef founded and culinary driven business, quality local ingredients, authentic and diverse menus, with the highest level of customer service are the pillars of our family owned and operated business. AR Kitchen's dedication to all of our Clients and their daily culinary needs helps drive our belief that Food is Fuel. Let us fuel your employees as they return to the office.

Fresh Kale
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