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Our daily lunch offering consists of a rotating themed self- serve hot buffet featuring cuisines from around the world. Each day, all clients receive the same rotating menu allowing our Culinary Team to focus upon the quality and authenticity of the cuisine of that day. In addition, each client receives a 20 Item Build Your Own Salad Bar along with a Build Your Own Deli Sandwich Bar. Our motto is that every day, every employee should be able to have an amazing meal regardless of dietary restrictions.


Hot Breakfast Buffet with Oatmeal and Yogurt Bar

For those clients who want to provide breakfast for employees who come earlier into the office, our Hot Breakfast Buffet with Oatmeal Bar and Parfait Bar is perfect. Our daily breakfast features a typical hot breakfast, with both savory and sweet entree offerings, along with a Build Your Own Oatmeal Bar with assorted fresh fruit and other toppings, and also a Build Your Own Greek Yogurt and Granola Parfait Bar. Our hot breakfast buffet truly is meant to meet the dietary needs of all employees.

Hot Grab and Go with Entrée Salads and Pre-Made Sandwiches

For those clients who would prefer not to have a self-serve buffet, we have taken all of the items from our standard lunch offering and made it available in packaged grab and go form. With this option, employees can choose between multiple daily themed Hot Grab and Go Entrees, along with Entrée Salads and Pre-made Sandwiches. With the sheer number of daily options served we can ensure that every employee can have an amazing meal regardless of dietary restrictions.


Grab and Go Breakfast

For those clients who would prefer to offer a Grab and Go style breakfast, we also have the ability to offer both hot and cold options. Ranging from hot breakfast burritos and sandwiches to pre-built Organic Greek Yogurt and Granola Parfaits with Organic Berries, our breakfast Grab and Go options give every employee the ability to enjoy an amazing start to their day.



For those clients who are looking to stock their existing refrigerators with the freshest snacks and entrees on a daily basis, our vending program is a perfect solution. Our vending program is meant to supplement a meal service program or it can be entirely a stand alone solution for companies. Our vending program features items ranging from fresh pressed juices, alongside cold brewed coffees and teas, to breakfast burritos, pre-built parfaits, microwavable entrees, entrée salads and sandwiches. Fridges are stocked by our team on a daily basis rotating ensuring quality with every delivery. 

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